February 2014 RSVP Voice!

| January 31, 2014

You Can Be An Ombudsman         

Concern for the care of senior citizens is becoming more urgent due to the increased number of residents entering long-term care facilities.

Approximately one out of every five seniors resides in long-term care facilities. Because large numbers of the baby boomer generation are entering this stage of life, this statistic will increase to three out of five people in the coming years.

To assist this burgeoning group of people, the role of the ombudsman was created. An ombudsman’s focus is to represent the interests of nursing home residents. The mission is to protect the residents’ rights, to assure they receive the best quality of life, and to support and empower the residents to make their own decisions.

Unfortunately, there are far more facilities than there are ombudsmen. There is a great need in our area for volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to help improve the lives of residents in long-term care facilities, such as nursing and personal care homes.

Volunteers will attend a 36-hour class and facility training. Volunteers will need to pass a criminal background check to ensure resident safety.

Volunteering at a facility can be as minimal as one day per month. Because the need is so critical, any amount of your time will be greatly appreciated.

This Ombudsman service is offered through South Plains Association of Governments-Area Agency on Aging (SPAG-AAA).

Volunteer Opportunities and Information   

Interim Hospice is in need of volunteers in a variety of roles encompassing respite care, sitting with patients, errands for family, clerical, visitation in nursing homes, and assistance in bereavement support.

Lubbock Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteer drivers, both regular and substitute, to deliver meals. Each route contains approximately 10-12 meals and can be delivered in an hour. Orientation and background checks are required for all delivery volunteers. Volunteers are also needed for various kitchen duties, cleaning the meal delivery coolers, building and ground maintenance, and assisting with the pet food program.

Star Care Specialty Health System (formerly MHMR) needs volunteers to assist nurses, perform clerical tasks, and handle records. Volunteers can choose any time to serve during the week day that best fits the volunteer’s schedule. Volunteers are needed at the Star Care location at 904 Ave O.

If you are interested in any of Lubbock’s volunteer opportunities or would like to know more about Lubbock RSVP, please call the Lubbock RSVP office at 743-7787.

Today is a good day to volunteer.

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