January 2012 RSVP Voice!

| January 1, 2012

January 2012

Volunteer Opportunities:

I’m writing this article the week before Thanksgiving…  As I ponder my blessings and the many things for which I am thankful; I am thankful for RSVP Volunteers.  I am grateful for your gifts of service, your knowledge and talents that you freely offer in order to meet the needs within our community.  You touch the lives of many people and enable non-profits to fulfill their missions.  Lubbock would not be the same without you; your acts of kindness are immeasurable.

November 4, 2011, Lubbock RSVP hosted its annual Recognition Dinner to thank you for your service and honor those who have achieved 4000+ hours of service with the President’s Lifetime Service Award.  This award was presented to fourteen RSVP Volunteers this year.  If you know them, thank them for their service and congratulate them on their award.  Here are this year’s recipients:

Connie Teague: 4,858 hours with Friends of the Library, Grace Medical Center and SP Genealogical Society and RSVP Social Services
Chuck Sudduth: 4,728 hours with Lubbock Memorial Arboretum and RSVP Social Services
Rosalee Musgrave: 4,570 hours with The Fun Bunch, UMC Activities Center Line Dancers and RSVP Social Services
Janice Burch: 4,443 hours with Grace Medical Center
Doug Aldridge: 4,434 hours with Meals on Wheels, Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, My Father’s House and RSVP Social Services
Sharon Ryan: 4,323 hours with Friends of the Library
Jamie Ibrahim: 4,228 hours with RSVP Comfort Corps, Covenant-Lakeside and RSVP Social Services
Elaine Weed: 4,218 hours with Friends of the Library
Carol Peterson: 4,218 hours with RSVP Comfort Corps
Elton Riggs: 4,199 hours with VA Outpatient Clinic
Jo Anne Mead: 4,169 hours with Grace Medical Center and South Plains Food Bank
Shirley Boyce: 4,166 hours with Friends of the Library, SP Genealogical Society and the Health Sciences Center Volunteer Service
Alice Craig: 4,019 hours with Catholic Family Services Retail Store, Meals on Wheels, RSVP Social Services and RSVP Transportation
Larry Craig: 4,000 hours with Catholic Family Services, Meals on Wheels, RSVP Social Services and RSVP Transportation

Congratulations to the President’s Lifetime Service Award recipients.

To all of our RSVP Volunteers, our community is better because of you!

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please give RSVP a call at 743-7787. 

Today is a good day to volunteer!

HOW do I join RSVP?

Becoming a member of RSVP is simple as long as you are at least 55 and have some time to volunteer. Just call the office at 743-77873 and chat with Karon McDowell about your interests. If you are not certain what you would like to do, we can mention several current volunteer opportunities and send you a list of the sort of jobs which RSVP members are presently doing to whet your appetite. If you have a special skill or talent that you would like to utilize, we will search to find just the right job for you. Just mail in the enrollment form (requires Adobe Reader) and we will call you!

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