July 2012 RSVP Voice!

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Volunteer Opportunities in Dispute Resolution and the Hospital

Dispute Resolution

The Office of Dispute Resolution is in need of volunteers to assist with the new Court Visitor Program for Lubbock County.

This program will provide assistance to the court by monitoring guardianships including visiting wards, auditing documents and developing legal information.

Ideal volunteers will be retired social workers, counselors, nurses, teachers, accountants, CPAs, attorneys and others with similar work or volunteer experience.

Volunteers may perform such tasks as court visits, auditor tasks or clerical duties.

Court visits include nursing homes, hospice and respite care, group homes, mental health facilities, hospital/medical facilities, rehabilitation facilities and apartments/homes.

Auditor tasks include reviewing annual reports, annual accounts, bank statements, financial records, court files for accuracy and other documents.

Clerical duties include folding letters, filing documents, preparing files, creating maps, entering data and completing forms.

Auditor tasks and clerical duties will be completed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Office of Dispute Resolution.

Court visits may be completed on weekends and evenings throughout Lubbock County and require a valid driver’s license, criminal background check, and additional training.

Dispute resolution provides volunteer orientation and training and will work with your schedule.

Hospital Setting

Are you a retired senior who would like to volunteer in a hospital setting?

Grace Medical Center is in need of qualified volunteers to join the auxiliary for four-hour shifts. The auxiliary is a congenial group serving nurses and hospital employees as well as patients, families and visitors to the hospital.

Please stop by the Grace Medical Center gift shop to pick up an application. Your help is needed, your interest is welcome, and your desire is appreciated.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please give RSVP a call at 743-7787.

Today is a good day to volunteer!

Movie Night

Mark your calendar for RSVP’s annual Movie Night, Aug. 10.  Details will be in next month’s RSVP Voice in the Golden Gazette.

How do I join RSVP?

Becoming a member of RSVP is simple as long as you are at least 55 and have some time to volunteer. Just call the office at 743-77873 and chat with Karon McDowell about your interests. If you are not certain what you would like to do, we can mention several current volunteer opportunities and send you a list of the sort of jobs which RSVP members are presently doing to whet your appetite. If you have a special skill or talent that you would like to utilize, we will search to find just the right job for you. Just mail in the enrollment form (requires Adobe Reader) and we will call you!

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