March 2013 RSVP Voice!

| March 6, 2013

Volunteer Opportunities:

Calling, Visiting, Singing

Interim Hospice is looking for compassionate volunteers who will make phone calls from the Interim office to check on family members of persons who have passed away during the past year while on hospice.

The volunteer will be given a script or a prepared set of questions to aid them in the conversation. Even though the call is for the family member, they will often make comments as they remember something about their loved one. The calls are rewarding and uplifting to both the person being called as well as the person who is calling.

Interim is also forming teams to spend a couple of hours once a week or once a month visiting nursing homes and doing hand pampering (rubbing lotion and painting fingernails) and enjoying conversation. It’s fun to go in groups of 3-4, so ask some friends and form a team.

Interim is looking for other groups of 2-4 who like to sing the old hymns, going from room to room, sitting, visiting and singing. Your group could sing a song or two, pray, and go to the next room. This volunteer opportunity would take a couple of hours once a week or once a month. So gather some friends who love to make a joyful noise, and bless the hearts of these precious people.

Golf Cart Drivers Needed

Covenant Health System is looking for volunteers. Do you have a morning or afternoon available? Covenant needs golf cart drivers at Joe Arrington Cancer Center to offer transportation for their patients in the golf cart to and from the front door of the Cancer Center. The Cancer Center serves 100 people a day. Won’t you consider serving as a driver?

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities or would like to know more about Lubbock RSVP, please call the Lubbock RSVP office at 743-7787.

Today is a good day to volunteer.

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